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  1. upuaut 23 Ottobre 2014

    Orpo, che roba :O

  2. post_71402 31 Ottobre 2014

    First coming from all, a Canadian agent, much
    like Chinese or European agents have to have any powerful
    persuasion traits, high morals and also a great penetration of responsibility;
    they ought to be dedicated creatures which could focus their
    attention on satisfying their clientele (several client at any given time, obviously) and juggle with offers, bids, mortgage repayments and clients;
    requests with the tip in their fingers. Low rates have enabled
    expensive homes being easily accessible towards the rich and particularly palatable to people
    purchasing homes within the tens of millions of dollars.
    Considering the impending economic recovery, British
    Columbia, including Vancouver, should see employment and wages rebound.

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