13 Ottobre 2003



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Gottesanbeterin II       comments | cat | tg | ordina

Interesting photo. What also got my attention is the name this animal takes in German... Gottesanbeterin. In Portuguese we call it "louva-Deus", with a similar meaning I think. Thanks for sharing your photos, I'm a regular visitor but I seldom leave comments. I enjoy your photos but I don't see the point in writing "how pretty!" after all of them. But perhaps I should. Best regards,

Adriana il 14 Ottobre 2003

...I didnt remember the Italian name: Mantide religiosa. What's the meaning of "louva"?

ste il 14 Ottobre 2003

"Louva" means "praise" (as in the sentence "Praise the Lord").

Adriana il 17 Ottobre 2003

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